Hi i’m Julia

The Earth – and its Oceans need us!

I’m in love with the Earth. I was in Green Team at High Lakes Elementary during my 4th grade year. I’m in 5th grade now but when I was in 4th grade it was my first year at High Lakes and it was also High Lakes’s first year having a Green Team.

All the other years I was at Miller Elementary from grades k-3rd. At MIller I was in Green Team from 1st-3rd. My mom also helped all of the years that I was in Green Team. So this is my story of how I think we as a team, a family [or a snowball] can save the world.


I’m Julia Alvarado. I love the Earth, the ocean and anything to do with it. My hobbies are theater, basket ball,volley ball, swimming, dancing, gymnastics and lots more. I come from a family that loves the environment and loves making films. So I guess that I have it in my blood. So this is my story of how I try to make the world a better place.

I have been named a “Blue Life Hero” at Blue Life Connections.

Sharing my passion for the environment through showing my videos as often as possible is important to me. I am glad that I have a chance to speak to organizations and groups in my own community, hoping to inspire others to change habits and work for solutions.

During the summer of 2019 I traveled to Vancouver Canada to participate (as one of the youngest participants) in the Ocean Heroes BootCamp. A BLOG article on that experience will be posted soon.

Here is a testimonial by author Susan Conrad who said about my video, ”
Excellent! This is a fantastic little piece. Bravo! Brava! ” Susan has a film and book about her solo odyssey on the Inside Passage.

Hi! I’m Julia