A Snowball Keeps Rolling

I went over to Pine Mountain Sports the local Bend business owned by Dan McGarigle that put on Powder-Hound Film Festival. That’s where I first got to show my video. When I went in I got a nice greeting by everyone there who recognized me from my video.

But the best greeting I got was from Paco. He is the one who was inspired by me. I know inspired by kid is hard to Believe that – huh.

I learned that they are starting to sell glass and reusable plastic bottles instead of one use plastic bottles. And with your bottle you will get a drink package which I think is really cool. You can buy Gatorade as powder and get a reusable bottle instead of using a one-use bottle. You can see in this picture all the bottles around us.  I encourage you to go to Pine Mountain sports and check it out. 

This is a great example of the “ripple effect.” I am one person who made a video about why my family and I do not use single-use plastic water bottles. We use bottles that can be filled hundred of times. My video was shown to about 450 people in November 2018. I don’t know how many habits I inspired, but I do know that Paco from Pine Mountain Sports was inspired.

Now, every time a person wants to buy a beverage at Pine Mountain Sports they will learn about their commitment to not having single use plastic bottles. The ripple effect will keep on spreading out into the world.

We can all do that one thing. You never know who you might inspire or how you can help the environment and the ocean.

                                                                  – Julia