A Great Surprise – Zero Plastic Water Bottles

We all can make a difference. I learned yesterday that my 2018 video (Snowball of Solutions) asking the sports community to stop using plastic water bottles inspired Geoff Frank and the team at Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe to search for ways to replace the 4000+ water bottles they usually sold in the summer.

Geoff talked with the Deschutes Brewery and they listened. That’s the “ripple effect” in action. And that’s how Deschutes canned water was born in 2019. It became the solution for those without reusable bottles.

Last summer Tumalo sold zero plastic bottles. You can only imagine how happy that made me! Also, Dan McGarigle of Pine Mountain Sports also credits the film for inspiring him and his team to swap plastic bottles for reusable, or cans and glass. Click for video

Now, here’s my request: I am asking all of Central Oregon stores along with Visit Bend Oregon to swap plastic for reusable and canned water. Support our kids and be a part of the Snowball of Solutions. Please share this message with other outdoor stores! Share in all your social media.

YOU can be part of the SNOWBALL OF SOLUTIONS.